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January 23, 2017

Coaching Online

My coaching philosophy is simple

  • Every client is unique with even greater potential than they sometimes realise.
  • I trust my clients to know what they want and when they want it.
  • Together we take a bigger picture, uncovering all your resources, intrinsic intelligence and wisdom.
  • We engage, inform, empower and accelerate at all levels.
  • A vibrant collaborative process connects clients to their own potent and compelling solutions.
  • Together we generate viable strategies, plans and outcomes.
  • My integrative holistic approach aligns client ownership of solutions with purpose, clarity and focus.

Alongside my philosophy my values are another lynch pin of how I work:

  • Respect, trust and honour my clients.
  • Pursue creativity and innovation with imagination, resourcefulness and fun.
  • Celebrate progress, growth, development and evolution.
  • Promote ease, enjoyment, flow, and appreciation.
  • Revel in connection, contribution, collaboration and communication.
  • Support, strengthen, motivate, champion and challenge.
  • Foster insight, inspiration, revelation and emergence
  • Share enthusiasm and a passion for achievement and success
  • Value and applaud talent, diversity, difference and advocate authenticity, integrity, responsibility and dependability.

Together we can make the difference.